Evaluates core spinal muscle strength and balance


Post-surgical low back rehabilitation


Balance and coordination improvement


Sports injury rehabilitation


Improves scoliosis due to muscle imbalance


Aids in preventing future back injury

What is SpineForce?

Spine Force is a three-dimensional exercise technology developed in France by LPG to target and strengthen the 180 deep intraspinal stabilizer muscles of the back that support the spine. It works on the Spine from the core, analyzing, treating, and helping to prevent musculoskeletal diseases while promoting overall health and well-being.

How Does SpineForce work?

The Spine Force is the only machine that makes it possible to recruit deep muscles of the vertebral column, acting on posture, muscle strength, stability, joint mobilization, balance, flexibility, stamina, coordination, and proprioception. Its sensory handles automatically detect direction and movement along with strengths and weaknesses. The oscillating platform identifies weaknesses and/or imbalances in the spine, creating personalized exercise protocols for patients’ specific needs. The SpineForce can measure effort exerted by the left and right sides of the body independently which enables it to target and strengthen the entire body with immediate improvement feedback. The protocols work in conjunction with most physician recommendations to strengthen core spinal muscles.

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